Faith in Maine

The Resurrection of the Body and the Life of the World to Come. Episode 8 in Seeking the Gift of Hope Series

August 3, 2020

As we conclude our eight-episode series on the theme of hope, we again welcome Rev. Martin Smith. This week, Rev. Smith explores hope and the concluding affirmation of the Apostle’s Creed: "The Resurrection of the Body, and the Life of the World to Come." The resurrection of the body is a deliberately extreme expression, to suggest an extreme hope in God’s extreme love. That love does not merely connect with part of our humanity, discarding the rest. It embraces our entire embodiment, the fabric of our whole selves and the network of relationships in which we both suffer and flourish.  


Music: Alpine Meadows by SnowMusicStudio and Our Inspiration by MediaM. Licensed through MelodyLoops #85999536136

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