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May 22, 2020  

Recognizing Jesus

Enjoy a sermon preached by the Right Reverend Thomas J. Brown, tenth bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Maine, for the Third Sunday of Easter, 26 April 2020. 



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June 11, 2018  

The Little Church with a Lotta Moxie

St. Matthew's Episcopal Church in Lisbon makes Jesus known in its community in creative ways. We recently talked with the Rev. Beau Wagner, rector at St. Matt's, about moxie, outreach, and other ways they share the light of Christ with their neighbors.

Pictured: A St. Matt's float in the annual Moxie Festival parade.



Video: Father Beau counts down the start of the Moxie Chugging Contest


Music written and performed by one of the only people to be born in Hollywood but raised in West Virginia.

May 8, 2018  

Reaching Beyond the Gates

Christ Episcopal Church has perched on the edge of the town common in Gardiner, Maine, for more than 200 years. More than a classic New England landmark, the church is home to people who share a warm sense of belonging and welcome that reaches beyond its churchyard.

Pictured: With two native Kentuckians for clergy, Christ Church celebrates Derby Day with fancy hats and derby pie.


Music written and performed by a hospital administrator from the midcoast.

April 16, 2018  

A Place Where It’s Always Summer

In which we talk with Mike Douglass, executive director of Bishopswood, our diocesan camp in Hope, about what it means to build an unplugged community and offer connection to kids - and increasingly adults - amid the natural beauty of Maine's midcoast. Check it out at

Pictured: Campers being campers Bishopswood.

Music written and performed by the host's college boyfriend.

Mike with his wife, Hanna Billington

April 12, 2018  

The Toilet Paper Pantry

Volunteers at St. Elizabeth Jubilee Center, an essentials pantry at St. Luke's Cathedral in downtown Portland sponsored by eight Episcopal congregations in Greater Portland, talk about the gifts given and the gifts received each Tuesday morning.

Pictured: Young volunteers from Falmouth Elementary School arrange scarves for the neighbors.


Music written and performed by Scott Shott 

March 28, 2018  


Mudseason in Maine. Love it? Hate it? The people of Loring House, the offices of the Episcopal Church in Maine, have strong feelings about it.

Pictured: Tom Sumner, Assistant for Finance and Insurance, at work in his cozy office overlooking St. Luke's Cathedral in Portland, Maine.


Pretty Planet by Tom Chapin & John Forster

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